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Mitsubishi Motors offers the MUT-III (Multi-Use Tester-III) Scan Tool for purchase through Bosch for general diagnosis and repair of all vehicles sold by Mitsubishi Motors from 1984 to present. Click on the link above and you will be transferred to the Bosch web site, or call them at 1-888-727-6672. Bosch will provide you with the purchase price and order form. MUT-III intended usage and functions are described in the applicable Mitsubishi Motors Service Manual. A MUT-III Owners Manual and a MUT3-SE Manual are also available.

Event Data Recorder Tool Purchase

An event data recorder is installed in all Mitsubishi vehicles from the 2013 model year forward. The event data recorder is a device that records information related to vehicle crashes or accidents. This data includes technical items such as vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, frontal airbag deployment time, and all items as defined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator. To retrieve and view the data from the event data recorder, access to the crashed vehicle and a special tool is required. Currently the only available tool capable of retrieving this data from Mitsubishi vehicles is the Event Data Recorder Kit. This kit can be ordered through Bosch.


Mitsubishi Motors also offers the MUT-III (Multi-Use Tester-III) Scan Tool for rent through Bosch only for PCM (Powertrain Control Module) Initialization and PCM Reprogramming. Call Bosch at 1-888-727-6672, prompt #1. They will advise you of the rental fee, security deposit, and shipping charge required for a two-week rental period.


Replacement Mitsubishi PCMs (for models equipped with immobilizer systems) require "initialization" after installation. Initialization is a one-time-only procedure which can be performed at any repair facility in order to return the vehicle to service.

Failure to initialize the PCM will result in a no-crank, no-start condition. If you have installed a new PCM, Mitsubishi offers two options for PCM initialization:

    • Rent a Mitsubishi MUT-III from Bosch by calling them at 1-888-727-6672
    • Take the vehicle to your nearest Mitsubishi retailer for service
    • Newer Mitsubishi powertrains equipped with the CAN system do not require the use of the MUT-III for initialization. These vehicle PCMs will be initialized in the J-2534 reflash procedure. Refer to the following table to confirm whether your vehicle is equipped with the CAN system.

Mitsubishi vehicle engine PCMs (ECUs) have been equipped with reprogrammable processors since 1998 (except 1998 Galant). 1995~1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS & GS with 2.0L non-turbo engine (Chrysler 420A engine) ECUs have been equipped with reprogrammable processors since 1995.

To reprogram Mitsubishi vehicles, you must use one of two different reprogramming tools. For the 1995~1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS & GS (with Chrysler 420A engine), you must use a Chrysler Flash Reprogramming Unit, MIT992000-A . Click here to order one from Bosch, or call them at 1-800-533-5338.

To reprogram all other Mitsubishi vehicles identified in the Mitsubishi ECU Reprogramming Application Table, you can purchase or rent the Mitsubishi MUT-III scan tool. Call 1-888-727-6672 for purchase or rent information, or Click here for more information. In addition to these options, you can use an approved J2534 solution for reprogramming. See the J2534 link at the top of the page for more information.

  • OBD-II DATA INFORMATION (On-Board Diagnostics, Level Two)

OBD-II has been mandated by government regulations, first in California and eventually across the entire U.S. All models from 1996 to present are equipped with OBD-II. A limited number of 1995 models were also equipped with OBD-II.

OBD-II is a product of the California Air Resource Board . Some of the regulations were developed in conjunction with the auto industry through the SAE (The Society of Automotive Engineers). Other areas were written and mandated by CARB .

OBD-II focuses on having the vehicle control systems monitor and report information related to emissions controls. The information required to use our diagnostic equipment is available on our Service Information Page.


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